Second Opinion Coaching

It is common for coaches to develop 'blind spots' when working with players on a regular basis over a longer period of time.
A pair of fresh eyes can help player and coach get back on track.
Here are two options for the 2nd Opinion Coaching.  

Option 1
Online, remote sessions where you send videos and if available, putting data, and we can talk them through together.   

Option 2 

A live online lesson or face to face (in person) with the player and player’s coach.
Face to face is dependent on location.   


A 2nd Opinion Coaching session of 1 hour will be charged at the same price that you charge your students. This makes it globally appropriate for all coaches.  

For bookings, please send me an email or a WhatsApp message.  

Second Opinion Coaching For coaches who want feedback and insights from JB Capto Coach to help them improve their players.